We find what you want, as long as we know exactly what that is.

The more specific details provided, the better. Some details to consider including in the description are the name, the appearance, the year, and any nuances that are a unique to that item.

Additional Information

How Our Services Works

The More Details, The Better.

Service Costs

There is no fee associated with requesting an item. Once an item is located, a 15% fee will be taken for services provided. When at all possible, this fee will be addressed within the budget provided; our team will provide complete details of product costs when the item is located. Any and all fees will be discussed prior to committing to the purchase.


Process Timing

The time to locate an item is unique to each individual request. We offer long-term item acquisition; our team will continually work to search for you. If at any point you wish to withdrawal your request, simply contact us.

Our desire is to make this process as simple for you as possible. With a goal to provide you with high quality service, we have streamlined the acquisition process into an easy-to-use site.

You contact us with the item you are looking for. You will provide item details, a specific price range, and your contact information - we take it from there. We will send you an email to let you know we've received your request. Then you relax, while we do the locating.

Once we have located your item, one of our specialists will be in contact with next steps.

General Item Requests

We take general item requests for anyone looking for a non-specific treasure. These requests can include pieces from collections, antique items, modern pieces, artwork, jewelry & more. Requests of this nature vary greatly, and we provide items that fit your parameters for you to purchase at your discretion.


Specific Item Requests

Specific item requests are taken as well. Once a request of this nature is received, our team begins searching. Due to the specificity of the nature of these requests, they typically take longer to fulfill. We will provide only the exact item requested, unless you specify that you are open to other items of that nature as well.